A Brief History of Wakefield, North Carolina

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Photo courtesy of the State Archives of North Carolina Like most land in North Carolina, its first settlers were Native Americans. With much of the terrain in the foothills of the Tarheel State being prime farming land with minimal hills and ample natural resources, tribes quickly claimed their territory- the Tuscarora Indians claimed Wakefield as theirs. They inhabited the land …

Home Buying Checklist: 5 Things You May Have Forgotten to Add to Your List

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There’s so much to look forward to when buying a home. The excitement of touring new houses, planning on how you will decorate your new space, and the feeling of knowing new memories will be made there, is all part of the fun journey. But once that initial rush wears off, you may find yourself wondering what you need to …

Homeowner's Insurance Guide Carolina's Choice Real Estate

A Homeowner’s Insurance Guide: What it Covers and What it Doesn’t

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Disasters can happen at anytime and being prepared is always in your best interest. From something small like a shattered window to a fire that can leave behind thousands of dollars in damages, a good home insurance policy will cover and protect your home and your belongings in it. Home Owners Insurance Every policy is different, but home owners insurance …