Buyer Representation

Buyer’s agents are paid a commission of purchase price at closing (typically 2.4% in Wake/Johnston County Area or 2.5-3% in Durham/Orange County Areas).

Carolina’s Choice Real Estate will keep $4,000 of this commission and then rebate the difference back to the buyer at closing!

Buyer Agent Program

We charge a $4,000 Flat Fee at Closing

  • Buyer’s agents are typically paid a commission of up to 3%. Carolina’s Choice keeps $4000 of this commission and then rebates the difference back to the buyer at closing!
  • For example, if you purchase a home in Durham for $400,000 and the commission paid to the buyer’s agent is 3% ($12,000), then Carolina’s Choice would keep $4,000 and you would receive $8,000 back at closing!
  • Our buyer’s representation is full-service - from the initial showing to the final walk-through and closing table. We handle all negotiations, offers, and requests for repairs skillfully and on your behalf.

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Full Disclaimer

To offer this program, we do not:

  • Attend Inspections – If you would like us to attend inspections, simply deduct $250 from your rebate.
  • Due Diligence & Earnest Money Checks - We do not deliver the due diligence and earnest money checks to listing agent. Buyer will need to deliver these. If you would like us to deliver the checks, simply deduct $100 from your rebate.
  • Additional Visits to the Property - If you need us to visit the property after it’s under contract, deduct $150 per visit.
  • First 10 showings for properties are included in our $4,000 fee. Any additional showings after the first 10, deduct $250 per block of 10.

To qualify for this program, the buyer’s lender and closing attorney will need to be aware of this rebate and will need to be disclosed on the Buyer’s Closing Disclosure. In addition, a buyer’s agency agreement will need to be signed after first showing. Restrictions apply. Please contact our office for more info.

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