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Sellers can now choose which package fits their home selling needs best!

While most real estate companies offer just one expensive marketing program which charges approximately 6-7% of the sales price, Carolina’s Choice Real Estate offers sellers a choice of services for a low flat fee.

In a traditional real estate concept, a home on the market that sells for $200,000 with a 6% commission, that seller pays $12,000 in commissions.

Whereas a $400,000 home with the same 6% commission, that seller pays $24,000 in commissions (twice the commission!!) Do you believe that seller is receiving twice the service and marketing? Probably not.

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This concept has helped Carolina’s Choice close over 3,200 properties in the Triangle and in turn saved MILLIONS of dollars for our clients.

Our average clients savings is over $10,000 per home sale! We offer 2 highly effective packages, each designed to meet specific home marketing and selling needs.

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