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A Homeowner’s Insurance Guide: What it Covers and What it Doesn’t

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Disasters can happen at anytime and being prepared is always in your best interest. From something small like a shattered window to a fire that can leave behind thousands of dollars in damages, a good home insurance policy will cover and protect your home and your belongings in it.

Home Owners Insurance

Every policy is different, but home owners insurance policies protect homeowners from liability if someone is hurt or harmed on their property. And this can even extend to protect the homeowner if they are hurt or harmed on someone else’s property. Do your research and find a good balance that will provide you with great protection at an affordable price.

What it covers:

  • Structural issues that include anything attached to the home
  • Windows
  • Roof
  • Siding
  • Furniture
  • Personal belongings like electronics and clothing

What it doesn’t cover:

  • Natural wear and tear from aging or neglect
  • Power failures
  • Flood or earthquake damage ( you can purchase insurance for this separately if you live in an area that is more susceptible to these natural disasters )
  • Slow leaks
  • Faulty systems or appliances
  • Bad repairs

Home Warranties

Some homeowners like the added bonus of protecting their appliances and systems, so they opt to purchase a home warranty. While prices and coverage can vary, a home warranty covers things that are not protected by homeowners insurance.

What it covers:

  • Electrical issues
  • HVAC
  • Major appliances like: washer and dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher
  • Plumbing problems

Now that you know the basics of how to protect your home, take some time to think through your options and choose the best one for you. Keep in mind that certain things in your home age faster than others, so when the time comes to renew your policy be sure the coverage you’re getting protects everything in its current state. In the end your ultimate goal should be to maximize your protection and minimize your costs.


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