How to Sell Your Home (While Buying a New Home)

buying & selling a home

Selling your current home while buying a new home is a bit of a balancing act. From coordinating schedules to ensuring you have an agent you can trust, you can’t control everything, but you can prepare.

Planning ahead to ensure your closings are as smooth and seamless as possible is always in your best interest. So, consider the following information if you’re in the market to purchase and sell your home simultaneously.

Closing Times Can Be Tricky

Typically closing in the morning on your current home and later in the day on your new home is ideal, but not always possible. There may be delays or challenges with your buyer not being available to accommodate your schedule. This is where having an agent who has experience in handling these types of situations makes the difference between an easy closing and an effortless closing.

Navigating a Smooth Transition from Home to Home

An all too familiar scenario for home buyers who are also selling is figuring out how to move from home to home. While buyers typically need to move into your home at closing, if you need to spend a few extra weeks or even a month in your current place before your new home is available, consider asking your buyer if you can rent from them upon closing. While it might not be ideal, asking the question does not hurt.

If they’re unable to accommodate your request, you might have to get comfortable with the idea of moving into temporary housing. Whether that be a short-term rental, a friends home or a hotel. Many times this is the only option, but you can rest easy knowing your current home is closed and you won’t run into any delays with the new closing.

Knowing When to List Your Home

This is not just a problem for homeowners looking to sell, but a concern for all sellers. One of the most important aspects of selling your home is determining the right time to list your current home and timing it around the closing of your new home. While the markets are predictable, determining the best time is where an experienced agent should step in. It’s also incredibly wise to use the same agent for both homes in the process, so they can understand and help coordinate transactions from both sides.

So, whatever stage you’re in the home buying or selling process we’d love to help you!

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