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10 Home Gadget Gifts to Fit Any Budget

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The holiday season is officially upon us. And with all the joy and excitement that comes with this time of year, making the time to find the perfect gifts for the people in your life can be hard. Luckily some gifts have universal appeal, like home gadgets. They’re versatile, useful and fool proof.

Whether you’re shopping for your favorite home chef or looking for something that has that, “wow-factor,” we’ve got you covered with 10 home gadgets for any and everyone on your list.

1. Towel Warmer
No need to endure the post-shower cold. Give the gift of luxury with a towel warmer that will elevate any morning routine.

2. Showerhead Speaker
For the friends or family in your life who like any excuse to rock out, a showerhead with surround sound is the perfect gift.  

3. Automatic Wine Opener
Party tricks are always a crowd-pleaser, but a wine opener that does all the work, will leave everyone in awe.  

4. Herb Garden that Grows your Plants
Fresh herbs at your fingertips to garnish any weeknight entree or side dish is always a nice touch. So, a garden that can go anywhere is the perfect addition to any top chef’s kitchen.

5. Digital Photo Frame
Long gone are the days of a photo frame that house just one picture. A gift that gives anyone the ability to house their favorite images to play on repeat year-round is the gift that keeps on giving.

6. Sous Vide Device
French for “under vacuum,” a sous vide device is the go-to gadget in every French kitchen. Using precise temperature and pressure to cook food to perfection, this has wow-factor written all over it.

7. Waterproof Speaker
Allow anyone to take the party anywhere with a speaker that can accompany a pool party, bubble bath or any beach side bash.

8. Video Doorbell
Give the gift of security with a doorbell that lets anyone see who’s at their door from their smartphone or tablet.

9. Bread Maker
Fresh bread doesn’t have to be a specialty. With minimal effort, a bread maker can turn any kitchen into a fresh bakery.

10. Home Security Camera
Protect your loved ones with a gift that can integrate into any home security system with video monitoring, smart locks and garage doors that can all be monitored from one central place.

Heat things up this holiday season and give one of these gifts that is sure to please. And who knows, maybe one of these items will make your wish list, too!


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