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Why a Buyer’s Agent Might Be Right For You

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For first time home buyers, the process can be daunting. From knowing where to begin to understanding the fine print, finding someone you can trust is crucial. Traditionally, real estate agents represent the seller and are looking out for the seller’s best interest. Many people never think of using a real estate agent to help them find and buy a …

Should I Rent or Buy a Home?

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Choosing whether to rent or own a home is not an easy decision. It requires you to carefully examine the factors and costs associated with each option. Which is better? That depends. Your unique economic situation, lifestyle and goals play the largest part in deciding what is better for you. It’s important to go into your calculations with open eyes. …

Things You Shouldn’t Do When Buying a Home

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The last thing in the world you would ever want is to spend a bunch of time searching for a home, finding that perfect place and then not being approved for your mortgage. There are also many common mistakes homebuyers make that could make the process much more painful than it has to be. We’re writing this article because we …