4 Signs That It’s Time to Renovate Your Kitchen

Renovating your kitchen can be one of the biggest and most disruptive projects to tackle in your home. Not only can it be a large financial investment but the construction can leave you with unusable appliances for weeks and uncontrollable chaos. But given that your kitchen is the heart of your home, the renovation can be a game changer for you and your family. From lack of storage to complete lack of inspiration, here are four signs it might be time to renovate your kitchen. 

1.) Your kitchen is hard to clean

It probably goes without saying that cleaning your kitchen is a pain you’d like to avoid at all costs. But it’s even more of a chore when your surfaces and countertops are so worn that they never look clean. From enamel sinks to gritty tile with deeply stained grout lines, you can scrub all day, but some stains just won’t disappear. Consider replacing any deeply stained or worn cabinets and tile and countertops to improve the aesthetics of your kitchen and make cleaning a breeze.

2.) You lack storage space

The truth is, limited square-footage is usually not the reason your kitchen lacks storage space.  A careful and methodical redesign of your cabinets, drawers and pantry can elevate your kitchen’s functionality instantly. Consider consulting a professional organizer or investing in organizational shelves, jars and hanging systems to make your kitchen more efficient. Or if you’re looking to get started right away, try moving large cookware you rarely use to a top shelf or your garage. Store your silverware in a large jar on your counter to free up drawer space and get rid of unnecessary glasses and dishes. If you’re a family of four, chances are you don’t need 16 water glasses in your cabinets at all times. Downsizing can also lend itself to helping you get organized and stay organized. 

3.) Your kitchen needs have changed

With life comes changes. Maybe you’ve recently expanded your family with the addition of a new baby or have downsized since your kids have left for college and you now want more space to entertain. Regardless, your kitchen should be serving your needs and making a few changes to do that is important to the overall function and flow of your home. 

4.) You no longer can stand to be in or around your kitchen

If it’s come to the point where you’d rather order take-out to avoid turning on your stove to cook, a kitchen renovation might turn things around for you. Whether your appliances are outdated or your light fixtures are in some serious need of TLC, a renovation can spark new inspiration. Consider installing an espresso bar to elevate your morning routine or spice things up with a new color palette and tile work. Your kitchen is the one room in the house everyone will use, so make it fun and inviting for all.

A strategic and well-designed kitchen renovation can be a game changer for you and your family. Not only can it increase your home’s value but can provide a place for new memories. So, if you find yourself relating to any of these four signs, maybe a kitchen renovation is something you should consider. 

About the Author

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