10 Easy Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

Staging your home is not a new concept, but for many home owners the line between decorating and staging can get blurred.

Of course your home speaks to you, but what is it saying to potential buyers?

A stuffed bookcase with dozens of copies of outdated magazines and a fireplace mantel decorated in family photos brings you joy, but they sidetrack buyers from the task at hand, and can ultimately cost you the sale.

Potential buyers can see as many as ten homes in one day, so making sure your home stands out to them is crucial. You can be known as the home that has beautiful French doors or the home that had an outdated shag rug and too many dog portraits. Both are memorable, but for far different reasons.

So, we’ve compiled ten easy and expert-approved tips to get your home staged and ready to sale in no time.

1.Get rid of clutter

It may seem simple and that’s because it is. Clutter leads to distraction and takes away from the home and the home’s selling points. A kitchen counter covered in appliances and food may be functional to you, but to potential buyers it could come across like you don’t have the proper cabinet space to hold everything. So get a head start on packing for your move and leave the essentials on display, but move and tidy up the items you don’t need to a place out of eye sight for potential buyers.

2. Give each room a deep clean

Now that you’ve decluttered your rooms, it’s time to scrub them clean. From carpet to tile to the spaces behind appliances, potential buyers will be looking everywhere and you don’t want them to come across a mess. Investing in a professional cleaning service is a great option if you don’t have the time to clean yourself. But if you do decide to deep clean your home, make sure that all odors are neutralized. From animals to cigarette smoke, open up windows and air out spaces that may have stale or lingering odors.

3. Remove the personal

Your family heirlooms, photos, travel souvenirs and any religious items mean the world to you, but not so much to potential buyers. They want to see themselves in your space and removing anything that resembles your personal life can help them do that.

4. Step up your kitchen and bath appeal

The kitchen and bathroom are where people spend the majority of their time pampering themselves. From a hot shower to preparing a home cooked meal after a long day, these two rooms see a lot of foot action. Empty trash cans, clear the countertops and ensure these rooms are as fresh and clean as possible. Consider placing fresh flowers in either room to add a warm touch and inviting aroma.

5. Lighten rooms up as much as possible

In keeping with the theme of clean, fresh and clutter-free, how your home is lit makes a huge impact on a buyer’s first impression. Make sure all your windows are clean, and open your curtains and blinds to let in as much natural light as possible. If a room is lacking in light, try adding a floor lamp or table-top light fixture to brighten up the space.

6. Move furniture to enhance a focal point

Does your living room have a gorgeous fireplace? Does your bedroom have floor to ceiling windows you want to emphasize? If so, move furniture around to ensure this is  the first thing potential buyers see when they enter that room. For rooms that are naturally small, try moving furniture around to open more space. Placing larger pieces in the corner furthest from the main door can create that illusion. If you’ve been using a room as storage, stage it is a guest bedroom or home office, to help buyers see the potential of that space.

7. Keep your colors simple

Bold and funky color palettes may be appealing to you, but not all home buyers want a lime green sun room. Neutralize a room by keeping the color pallete simple and clean. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to do this is with a fresh coat of paint. But don’t think your color wheel has to stop at just beige and cream. Earth tones are a wonderful and elegant way to enhance a room’s appeal, and if you’re itching to incorporate a pop of color, add a bright throw pillow or blanket to balance out the room.

8. Set the dining room table

While you want to steer clear of staging your home to the point of it being too personalized, you do want to create an inviting appeal. This is where setting a dining room or kitchen table can be a game changer. Many home buyers like to imagine hosting dinner parties or gatherings, so creating that image for them can help. Place cloth napkins and nice silverware around an elegant centerpiece or if your table is long and narrow, consider adding several short vases with a single flower in them down a runner.

9. Enhance curb appeal

The outside of your home is just as important as the inside of your home. So making sure that potential buyers see it at its best when they pull up is very important.

Ensure the exterior of your home is clean, the lawn is mowed and there are no weeds or dead branches lingering around. If your driveway is stained or dirty, consider renting a pressure washer. If your front door is looking outdated, give it a fresh coat of paint and add a bright wreath to leave a great first impression.

10. Make your backyard stand out

You don’t want potential buyers to be wowed when they pull up, blown away by what they see inside and then tour the backyard and find themselves completely turned off. If you have a back porch or patio, stage the space with a firepit or clean chairs. Hang a hammock between two trees or dust off the grill cover and help buyers envision what they could do with the space.

If you’re currently trying to sell your home and looking to stage your space in the most efficient way, we’re happy to help or provide any feedback. If you have any questions, please contact us today at 919-295-9298 or send us an email at: [email protected]

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