How Many People Does It Take to Sell a Home?

Here’s a rundown of how many professionals it takes to sell a home. 
Every real estate transaction depends on the diligence of quite a few professionals whose specializations vary widely. To ensure a successful closing, it’s important you understand who’s all involved. Let’s start with the most obvious individuals: the listing agent and the buyer’s agent. They need to be skilled negotiators who are honest, experienced, and well-versed in the legalities of an agreement of sale.

Then there are the home inspectors. They need to be knowledgeable, thorough, and up to date on all of the codes and issues pertaining to inspection-related items. Next, there are the appraisers, who hold an extremely important role in the process. When appraising a given home, they must take into account the surrounding area; the quality of the home; the builder who built the home; the size of the home (via their own accurate measurements); any improvements made to the home; and most importantly, the comparable properties that best suit the home.

“You’ll want to work with a highly experienced Realtor who can get things back on track to ensure a satisfying finish.”

The buyer’s lender needs to be organized, thorough, and prompt in acquiring and delivering the information needed for the buyer to obtain their loan. Don’t forget the closing attorney and their paralegal team; they tackle any contractual disputes or any title issues that come to light during the closing process.

As you can see, there are a lot of folks involved, and rarely does a transaction proceed smoothly without some kind of error or hold-up. Who are you going to lean on when things go south? It’s your real estate agent—the most important touchpoint of all. You’ll want to work with a highly experienced Realtor who can get things back on track to ensure a satisfying finish.

Every agent on my team has at least six years of experience with Carolina’s Choice, and we average nearly one home sale per day. Don’t let our low fees fool you; we can handle negotiations with the best of them and overcome any hurdles that may stand in your way.

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