Benefits of Listing This Winter

I’m going over the benefits of selling your house during this holiday season.

Are you considering listing your home in December or January but have reservations that it may be poor timing? Today I’ll discuss the benefits of listing your home this winter.

Supply and demand were a major driving force behind the recent seller’s market. The low inventory of homes coupled with the high demand led to consistent bidding wars and severely over-asking-price bids.

“There’s lots of demand for homes at this time of year.”

In my experience over the past 20 years of owning Carolina’s Choice, December and January consistently have far fewer active listings than any other months. The supply of homes will be extremely low for the next couple of months, and most sellers are waiting until spring to list their homes.

There is still a backlog of buyers that have lost out on other homes, and they’re eagerly awaiting new homes to come onto the market. When those homes do hit the market, these buyers are coming in with very strong offers so that they don’t miss out again. There’s lots of demand for homes at this time of year. In addition, many buyers are still trying to lock in a low mortgage rate before they rise next year. All signs point to a continuing seller’s market over the next couple of months.

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