3 Big Differences For Sellers In This Market

How real estate reality TV shows compare to the industry in real life.


We’ve all seen those real estate reality shows on TV like “Million Dollar Listing”, “Love It or List It”, and “Selling Sunset”, to name a few. However, is anything on those shows real? I must confess, I have been sucked into a few of these shows, and while they are entertaining, there’s very little “reality” in these reality shows. 

Let’s use “Million Dollar Listing” as an example. These agents drive around in their Range Rovers and Ferraris, sipping champagne while they’re negotiating multimillion-dollar deals. They put together lavish broker open houses that net them dozens of offers, all while raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars in commission checks.

“While renovations on TV may mostly be smoke and mirrors, you can at least get inspiration from them.”

The reality is much different, and this show makes selling real estate look way too easy. They don’t get into all the behind-the-scenes work that it takes to get a deal done. These negotiations can also take days, if not weeks, sometimes. In addition, broker open houses are highly ineffective as a listing agent.

What about “Love It or List It”? This show makes the renovation process look way too easy as well. Renovating is expensive and time-consuming in real life, and these shows receive heavily discounted labor and materials through partners and sponsors. While renovations on TV may mostly be smoke and mirrors, you can at least get inspiration from these shows to help you take the next steps for your future renovations.

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